CarpentryCarpentry – The art of home building

What is Carpentry? Carpentry is the art of working with wood, and in the world of building, carpentry is one of the most important skills or steps in completing a project. Carpentry is incorporated in almost every facet of building a house or remodeling a space. It is the craft of building the main structure or framing portion of a home and any other projects that are made of wood.

Importance of Carpentry

In carpentry, it is important that everything is built square, level and plumb. If there is any aspect of framing, walls, floors, or ceilings that are not square, level, or plumb, then the rest of the structure will not work. This is because each piece needs to fit together securely, and is even more important when it is an area that will have weight on it like a floor or a roof. If it cannot handle the load or weight, then it will collapse. Every aspect of carpentry and building is dependent on proper measurements, accurate execution, and correct installation.

The entire home and all its subcontractors are dependent upon the carpentry. For example: the hardwood flooring is dependent on the sub floor and the sheetrock is dependent on the initial wall framing. Also, the other building disciplines, such as electricity, plumbing, and flooring are dependent on accurate and quality carpentry work. An experienced carpenter is indispensable in completing every aspect of construction. Their expertise and talents cover a multitude of different areas including setting foundations, laying new stairs, installing beams and trim-work, replacing windows and doors, building decks and porches, building and installing cabinetry, and entertainment centers…..the list goes on.

When building a house or completing a remodel, a knowledgeable carpenter knows it is extremely important that framing be done within the parameters of all of the building codes and specifications of your local county. If you do not follow the specifications and build incorrectly, you will have larger problems to fix later. This will cost you time and money and you will be unable to use your home until you pass final inspections. The whole home or building depends on the carpentry to be done correctly; the quality of your entire building is determined by the integrity of the carpentry work performed.

The Benefits of a Professional Contractor  

A professional contractor not only has consistent working relationships with the best skilled carpenters and finish carpenters, but they can work in conjunction with the carpenter to ensure you are having the best structure built. The licensed contractor also has the proper experience and training to make sure that proper building materials are used, building codes and plans are executed correctly, and the proper measurements are used in every aspect of the building process. They also can read and interpret blue prints to make sure work is done accordingly to what is approved.

The contractor also works with the other tradesmen to coordinate that all work be done in the proper time line at the correct time, so that no workman is waiting for another to move on to the next step. They also know all of the building codes and will consistently be checking to make sure the building is in line with all of those codes during the construction process. This enables the structure to pass building and safety inspections. For example: they will ensure that all hangers, nails, and anchors are the correct types of materials and in the right location. This is the same for all other building materials and processes.

In light of the benefits we have already highlighted, using a professional contractor is obviously the most cost efficient choice. A professional licensed contractor has the experience, tools, and training to make sure your project is done quickly and accurately. It is always more cost effective to do something right the first time with little waste.

Therefore, it is important to choose a contractor that is experienced, knowledgeable with good references, that guarantees their work. They also need to be licensed and insured for your protection. If you have a carpentry project, and are looking to find a professional, experienced carpenter that has the knowledge to complete your job properly, call Philip @ (540) 569-6351 today for a consultation.