Our Craftsmen


Phil Hatter
Lives in Love, VA.

Philip M. Hatter

In his youth, Philip could be found constructing teepees, forts, birdhouses, and bookcases. Having been raised on a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Philip and his five brothers quickly learned the value of discipline, hard work, and achievement through collaboration. Their father, Warren A. Hatter, instilled in them a code of ethics and principles that had been passed down for generations; a code heavily influenced by his Mennonite upbringing. Warren kept his six sons busy by teaching them agriculture while on the farm, but also the science of building as he too was a builder. Working with his father and brothers was enjoyable for Philip, but when he graduated from high school in 1989, the local housing market was depressed and he chose to attend college and study business.

After attending James Madison University and obtaining his Bachelors of Science in Accounting, he worked as a staff Accountant for Theresa B. Hunt, CPA in Waynesboro. His love for numbers and accounting theory was quickly surpassed by his distaste for the office life. After realizing that this was not his path, Philip returned to his love for building.

In 1995, taking advantage of the robust local housing market, he started his own construction company, aspiring to once again work with his father and brothers, he named the new company Hatter and Sons. Initially, Hatter and Sons started out small, with just Philip and two or three journeyman carpenters.

By the mid 2000’s, Hatter and Sons was not only working for independent homeowners, but they were held in such high esteem that several general contractors in the Wintergreen Resort area would subcontract entire projects to them. As they grew, they began to expand their services even more and by 2004, Hatter and Sons was also licensed to perform Electrical and Plumbing projects allowing them to offer a better value to their clients. “There is nothing about construction that doesn’t fascinate me. If time would allow, I would learn and perform every aspect of building”. Philip is one of the crew’s two master carpenters, is a Virginia licensed master electrician, and is also licensed in asbestos abatement.

Ben Hatter Sr. – “Benny”
Lives in Stuarts Draft, VA.

Benjamin H. Hatter, Sr.

Ben Hatter, Sr. is one of the Hatter brothers, and a Virginia licensed master plumber. Much like his younger brother Philip, he has also spent his life building with the rest of his five brothers and their father. He has turned this heritage of craftsmanship into over 40 years of professional construction experience. During this time, he led his own remodeling company for a number of years and was recognized for being a capable, skilled and straight-shooting project manager.

A natural problem solver and innovator, he enjoys the daily challenges that each project brings. Ben’s vast knowledge of the ever-expanding field of construction products and vendors helps us select the best materials for each job and at the best price. At Hands Inc, he is known for his optimistic attitude, unwavering support of the crews and his attention to details.

Ben is a compassionate, assertive, and protective leader of our team. This creates an environment of loyal and productive team members, which benefits the client as well as each of our craftsmen. With his outgoing personality you’ll often find him communicating with clients about products and schedules, or discussing different ideas about a project.

Ben Hatter Jr.
Lives in Waynesboro, VA.

In the late 90’s you would have seen Ben Jr on his father’s remodel jobs giving a helping hand and pestering his dad with questions about the work in progress. Fast forward more than 25 years, Ben Jr is now the head of our plumbing department and carries a Virginia Master Plumbing trade license. He has a strong desire to learn as much as he can about construction, has developed strong leadership skills, and enjoys tackling challenging projects. Ben Jr loves animals and, having taken a few years sabbatical from the construction business, worked as a senior manager at a local pet store. Always a favorite with our clients (and their pets), Ben Jr communicates well with all of our clients, is a good listener and extremely talented in troubleshooting problems.

Ask any of our clients what they first notice about the projects that Ben Jr is responsible for, and they will comment on how clean and organized the job is. Generally the first of our crew to arrive on the jobsite, you can count on him to be on time to immediately prepare and start the day’s work. Having a deep interest in all phases of construction, he is extremely conscientious of his work and strives to hone his skills with every new project. These skills are not limited to plumbing as Ben Jr is talented at interior trim carpentry, painting, kitchen/bath remodeling, as well as our resident ‘punch list’ tech. With his steady and calm demeaner, he is an integral part of our team and a welcome addition to every project.

Seth Hatter
Lives in Stuarts Draft, VA.

Seth Hatter

Seth Hatter, nephew of Ben Sr & Philip, marks the second generation of craftsman at Hands Inc. Before joining our team, Seth spent a number of years working on a ranch in Augusta County where he learned the value of hard work and the joy of working with your hands. He then took a position with a lock and security company in Charlottesville as a locksmith where he picked up a vast knowledge of locks, security devices, and security systems. Then in 2011, Seth joined our team and has been a welcome addition to our work family as he continues the tradition of superior craftsmanship.

Seth is inarguably the hardest working and most driven member of the Hands Inc crew. It is easy to see how much he loves his work by his fun demeaner and dedication to his work. Seth energizes anyone who works alongside him with his optimistic attitude and willingness to tackle any task. An asset to any project, you’ll find Seth tackling small and medium size carpentry and construction projects as a lead carpenter.

Seth specializes in footings and foundation work, structural framing, building decks and roofing. He is set apart by his dependability and
approaches every project with his courteous and respectful attitude. Seth is also a licensed locksmith and has a passion for welding and creative metallurgy.

Brian Donnelly
Lives in Lives in Faber, VA

Brian Donnelly

Brian Donnelly has been with our team since 2012 and has worked in the construction industry since 1983. With such a long and outstanding background, he brings a high level of diverse experience to our crew. Before moving to Faber, Virginia, Brian lived in Mt. Rainier, Maryland, where he started working as an electrician’s helper at the age of 17 and quickly moved through the ranks to lead electrician. Brian is a talented craftsman and is head of our electrical department. His specialties also encompass bathroom and kitchen remodeling, trim carpentry, and is a talented painter.

Brian takes work very seriously and as such is extremely reliable, dependable and is consistently at work on time every day. Brian brings to every project a depth of competence and confidence that enables him to aptly complete any job that he is assigned with extensive attention to detail. A true team player and a natural leader, Brian communicates well with both his colleagues and the clients. This is demonstrated by the fact that he is always respectful and supportive of other’s ideas and requests, but will voice his thoughts if he feels there is a more efficient method or if he feels someone is doing unacceptable work. He promotes a productive environment on every job site with his ability to problem solve and his dedication to quality.

Some of his hobbies include fishing in remote streams, bartering for deals at the local flea markets, or when time allows, just relaxing on the beach. Brian is quick to point out that out of all the roles he plays, the most important one is that of being ‘Pawpaw’ to his seven grandchildren that he absolutely adores.

Carl Parr
Lives in Lives in Piney River, VA.

Carl Parr

Carl Parr has been part of our team since 2010. He is one of Hands Inc’s most experienced craftsman as he has been working in the construction field for more than 50 years.

Carl is one of two master carpenters on staff on our team. With his many years of experience, he can do almost anything with wood. However, his specialties are moldings & casework, cabinetry, and high-end exterior finishes. His preferred projects involve high-end interior trim work.

Due to his vast experience, he also has a sound knowledge of all phases of construction including plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, which makes him an ideal leader to supervise any jobsite or project. Carl has been exposed to all facets of building and could easily build a house from foundation to finish with only one or two helpers. His determination is proven by his history of hard work as he has worked on hundreds of homes in the Nelson County, Wintergreen, and Albemarle County areas.

Considered the ‘Gunny Sargent’ of our crew, Carl gets along with everyone and has earned a healthy respect from all the team because of his experience and abilities. He loves to laugh, is friendly to everyone and is easy to work with. However, he takes his work seriously and when he believes in something he is unmovable.

Carlos Fernandez
Lives in Lyndhurst, VA.

Carlos Fernandez

Hailing from Guanajuato, Mexico, Carlos has been in the construction field for over 24 years, beginning as an apprentice carpenter with our company in the early 2000’s. After a several years, he followed his own path and took a position with a specialty flooring contractor where he honed his skills in ceramic, stone, and laminate flooring and finishes. After a number of years, he rejoined with our team and is now our resident tile, stone, and flooring expert. His other specialty is remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, and he is extremely talented in laying out and installing exterior stone hardscaping. He is a licensed asbestos abatement supervisor, and has many years’ experience in framing, trim carpentry, and painting.

Carlos has a strong desire to learn as much as he can about construction, is inquisitive about proper procedures and has developed strong leadership skills. He communicates well with all of our clients, is a good listener and follows instructions well. On every job, he is enthusiastic about the work that he is performing, keeps a positive attitude regardless of the situation, and is dedicated to ensuring his work is properly completed. Carlos is great at problem solving and when he is working on a project, you can be confident that it will be done properly.

Buck Johnson
Lives in VA.

Buck started working on our jobsites in the late 90’s as a sheetrock and painting contractor. His work was always top notch, and we grew to appreciate his no-nonsense approach to each job, his reliability, and that he always kept his word. Since joining our team in 2014, Buck has been our go-to expert for all things concerning sheetrock, interior finishes, and coatings.

Despite Buck’s vast experience in the sheetrock trade, he also worked as a mason on renovation projects, has extensive knowledge of plaster and period appropriate finishes, and is a skilled trim carpenter. He is also extremely knowledgeable in the field of auto mechanics and routinely makes all the repairs on his family’s vehicles. Although a man of few words, he can easily be found by his booming James Earl Jones laugh or the rhythmic sound of his finish knife dressing up the walls.

Buck is always willing to tackle any task and is always inquisitive about expectations and proper construction procedures. He has developed strong leadership skills, communicates well with all of our clients, and keeps an organized jobsite. One of the first guys to arrive on the jobsite, you can count on him to be at work on time every day and immediately focuses on the day’s objective. He is an integral member of our family of craftsmen, a true artisan, and a client favorite.

Angel Sanchez
Lives in VA.

Angel joined our team in 2019 as an apprentice carpenter and has been a welcome addition to our family. He has a strong desire to learn as much as
possible about construction and many times can be found watching how-to or construction-trend videos on YouTube during his lunch break. With his passion for construction science and his strong work ethic, you’ll find Angel tackling small and medium remodel projects as the project lead carpenter.

Angel has a background in viticulture and also served in a Parish in San Lucas, Mexico. He is an interesting young man to talk to, has an infectious energy for life, and can always be seen with his mischievous grin. On every job, he is enthusiastic about the work that he is performing, keeps a positive attitude regardless of the situation, and has poise beyond his age.

Angel has the ability to work well with everyone on the team and when asked to complete a project, you can be confident that it will be done properly.

Chris Bennett
Lives in VA.

Chris joined our team in early 2023 and has been an invaluable addition to our crew and a welcome part of our family. He has been around the construction industry since his early teens and enjoys all aspects of the science of building.

He began working for his uncle as an apprentice carpenter in 2001 while still attending Valley High School in Smithers, West Virginia. Later, while attending West Virginia Tech, Chris worked in a concrete manufacturing plant where he learned many invaluable skills such as operating forklifts, backhoes, and also the science of concrete production. Wanting to return to the building industry, he later took a position as an apprentice electrician where he gained extensive knowledge of electrical and security systems.

In the spring of 2009, capitalizing on his diverse background and knowledge base, Chris took a position at Wintergreen Resort as a maintenance mechanic where he was responsible for upkeep and preventive maintenance on the ski lifts, conveyors, fan guns, and snowmaking systems; he was later promoted to Maintenance Supervisor. There he broadened his knowledge in electrical systems, having worked with low-voltage systems, PLC’s, single-phase, and three phase circuits. Additionally, he gained more experience with heavy-machinery as he operated excavators, backhoes, dump-trucks, skid steers, telehandlers, and snow-cats.

Chris is a super-industrious person, and always gives 100%. Having spent a few years running his own property maintenance company as a side-business, he has first-hand knowledge of the administrative and management aspect of the construction business and is always planning ahead. With his quiet demeaner, positive attitude, and timely sense of humor – he is a favorite with everyone on the team. Chris is a calm and productive influence on each project and he never complains or grumbles. A talented craftsman, he is extremely reliable, and is always quick to offer assistance.

Alex Herrera
Lives in VA.

Having joined our team in August 2023, we’re thrilled to introduce our dedicated apprentice carpenter who brings a refreshing energy and commitment to our crew. With a strong work ethic, he’s become the cornerstone of reliability, ensuring he’s always punctual and ready to contribute to the day’s tasks. His positive attitude is contagious, creating a harmonious work environment that elevates his entire crew.

A man of few words, Alex lets his actions speak volumes. He tackles every assignment with precision and dedication, displaying a remarkable ability to execute tasks efficiently. Never one to grumble or complain, he approaches challenges with a can-do spirit, showcasing a genuine passion for learning about the intricacies of construction. His silent determination and enthusiasm make him a valuable asset to our team, embodying the spirit of excellence that defines our company.