New Builds & Additions

Custom Building A New Home

Custom building a new home can be a better choice than buying an existing structure.  A new home can be custom built to your liking and your exact specifications. You can choose the amenities that you want built into your home, instead of searching for a pre-existing home that has everything you want in it already – you can have it built according to your design tastes and needs using new modern innovations. One example of this is that you can now have your home specifically wired for the internet, home entertainment systems, sound systems, etc. Another example is having a kitchen designed specifically for you, according to your cooking and storage needs.

When building a new home, you have access to all of the newest techniques, updated standards and safety regulations.  Building codes have evolved and changed considerably, just over the past 10 years.  Also advances in weather proofing standards, techniques and regulations make a properly built new home a better choice than an existing one. These are especially important if you live in an earthquake prone or wind/storm prone area. Many older homes don’t have the same standards for fire, wind, and earthquake safety. Nor do they have the same standards for modern electrical, plumbing and technical innovations that will be available to you when you build a new home. Lastly, structural and fastening standards have also been improved over time, which will add to the improved stability and longevity of your home.

Building the home is a detailed processNew Home Construction

When building a new home the first step is the decision making process. You need to decide the location of your home, your budget and possibly work with an architect or designer  to create building plans for your house. The proper permits and certifications need to be acquired to start the building process. It is important that all of these pieces are in place before commencing the building of the home.

When building the house the skilled craftsman needs to be coordinated in the proper time so that each step is completed properly before the next step commences. For example: you need to have foundation laid and home framed before anything else can be added to the home. Also all materials need to be ordered and delivered in proper time as well as all decisions made for siding, roofing, paint color, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures in the proper time line so that nothing is slowed down or delayed.

Upon completion of each step you will need to finish the home up to building codes and permit standards and pass all your final inspections. This will ensure you can get a certificate of residency or occupation. Also all of the craftsmen or workers need to be coordinated to finish their punch list and the finish details.

Choosing a Building Contractor

A skilled contractor knows what it takes to start and finish a project. Such as, the proper scheduling, a realistic budget, as well as creating checklist to stay within that budget. Their expertise will ensure against future delays. They have the experience, workman and tools to build you a quality home. A good contractor also has a relationship with skilled craftsmen that will give quality work at the best prices.

A good contractor is also a master coordinator. They take care of the building process for you. Although you will still need to make final decisions with the contractor, he will make sure that production does not stall and that materials show up on time for the tradesmen to enable them to make their deadlines. This is when the contractor is most valuable to you because not only does he want to finish the project but all his workers want to get finished and get paid and have a good relationship with the contractor for future projects. Therefore the contractor can use future ventures to make sure that punch lists and final details get done on time. His influence is greater with craftsmen than someone that is only doing one project.

A reputable contractor will guarantee their work. Contractors are also licensed and insured which protects your valuable investment. Building a home is one of the most important decisions and investments you will make in your lifetime, it is important to do it with an experienced and trustworthy contractor that will work with you to help make your dream property a reality.

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