Foundations And WallsWalls and foundations are the most common types of masonry projects. Using cinder blocks or masonry blocks is one of the most popular styles for residential foundations and commercial block walls. Blocks are used to form foundations. They are grouted with concrete and filled with rebar to add strength and stability. Later the area is backfilled with dirt.  This is then used as a foundation for a home or light commercial building. Block is necessary to be used in areas that the terrain is too steep for concrete alone, as the block is also used as a retaining wall to add stability to the area. Many commercial projects also use block as their interior and exterior walls and install a steel roof over the block walls. If the block is grouted or filled with cement concurrently with rebar inserted into the holes, it will became a very strong solid stonewall.

Another popular choice for foundations is the poured concrete wall. During this process, forms are erected in the configuration of the desired foundation, reinforced with rebar, and then filled with concrete. After the concrete dries sufficiently, the forms are removed, leaving an extremely strong foundation for your house to sit on.

Steps for Successful Installation Foundations and Walls

The first portion of installing your foundation is to partition out the area in the dirt. Preparation is key for a successful foundation installation and the dirt will need to be level and cleaned of debris.  Once the foundation is measured out in the dirt, the footings will need to be dug for the blocks, preparing the area with rebar before pouring concrete in the footings. Everything will need to be accurately measured out visibly before you install the block or start erecting the concrete forms. Preparation is key for a successful foundation installation.

When you install the block or the concrete forms, it is integral that every aspect of the installation must stay plumb, level and square. The foundation is the beginning of a home and as such it is the most important aspect to have perfect before you begin framing the structure, or any other aspect of the construction.

Installing foundation walls can range from less complex undertakings with just a few blocks high or it can be a retaining wall that needs back ties and rebar on every layer with grout every three layers.  Both block walls and concrete walls can be used for retaining walls to hold back hillsides. If done properly, they can handle the high load weight requirements of long spanning steel rafters and girders.

Choosing A Professional for Your Foundation or Walls

Installing the foundation or building block walls is a very physical, labor-intensive job that is made even harder with the pressure of not being able to have any mistakes. Even the smallest deviations from the right measurements around the foundation or not having a perfectly level foundation can dramatically impact the framing or even roofing of a project. Therefore, it can be extremely costly to make any mistakes as correcting them takes valuable time and material, which is compounded the further along in the project you are. This is not something that a novice is usually ready to tackle on his or her own.

If there are mistakes when creating the foundation, the carpenter must make up for them on their end when doing the framing. Even small deviations from the correct measurements or in the level of the foundation can make for huge problems when framing or roofing the home.

A professional contractor is necessary to make sure that each step of the foundation project or block wall installation is done correctly before the next step is completed. They also will ensure that all of the building codes and material lists are followed, as well as proper permits obtained and inspections completed. A contractor also has the necessary relationships with their sub-contractors to ensure that all of the timelines are strictly followed, the correct materials are ordered and delivered on time, and any corrections are made expediently. This is the most cost effective way to have any project completed.

With a project as important as the foundation to your home, the walls for your commercial property or retaining walls, it is important to have a professional to verify it is done correctly and efficiently. A professional contractor is licensed, insured and bonded for the protection of your foundations and walls.

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