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Light Commercial Renovation – Let Us Improve Your Office or Retail Area

A light commercial renovation is the improvement of a usually leased or purchased commercial property or space for commercial usage. For example: leasing a space that needs to be converted into a beauty salon, medical office, restaurant or retail shop. This also includes the updating and restoring of an older commercial space to meet changing needs and updated building or industrial codes.

Why renovate your commercial space?

Your commercial space may be the first impression that a client or customer has when being introduced to your business. It is then imperative to have a visually polished and professional looking space that reflects the style and quality of your organization. Renovating your commercial space is a great way to create an office and/or retail area that fits the image of your business and meets the needs of your clients.  Additionally, updating your commercial space with greener technology makes for more efficient use of your utilities and time.  Adding the newest and latest updated equipment adds innovation to your business while saving utility and energy costs.

The process of renovating your commercial space:

The first step to any project is to develop a realistic budget, and to create a renovation plan based upon that budget as well as any guidelines set by a landlord. After you have a sufficient plan, then it is important to apply for appropriate permits using any current applicable building, health and fire codes and hire tradesmen based upon that plan and budget.

It is also important to implement this plan in a timely manner. If you have to shut down your business while renovations are being completed, you will want to make sure that it is done quickly. If you can remain open while renovations are occurring, you need the best tradesmen to make sure this is possible without delay or safety issues.

When the project is completed, you will need to pass all applicable final inspections to acquire your certification of occupancy for the business.

Why use a licensed contractor for your renovation:Light Commercial Renovation

A licensed contractor is invaluable in order to have a successful renovation process. They can help you with the process throughout the entirety of your project. The contractor can help you set and stick to a viable budget and they are able to work with many different architects to create the best building plan for your needs. They understand the permit and guideline process so you have no surprises when you are ready for the required inspections.

The professional contractor will also work with you to create a feasible budget, develop a renovation plan, hire workmen, get the best deals on materials and supplies while having the experience necessary to make sure your project is completed effectively.

The longer it takes for the project to be completed, the more lost income your business will incur. Therefore it is important to have someone to make sure you stay within your budget while completing the work in a timely manner. Part of this process is having a contractor who has relationships with tradesmen that will give the best price and have a solid reputation. It is critically important to hire a reputable and respected contractor that will coordinate skilled tradesmen that will complete quality work in a time and cost efficient manner.

Also, a reputable contractor will be able to guarantee the quality of their work within safety guidelines. A licensed contractor is also bonded, insured and has a known reputation with good references.  It is important that you choose your contractor wisely for the investment and well being of your business.

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